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The WA Vipers Fastpitch Club offers a competitive, development-focused program for young ladies looking to play competitive softball, while becoming athletes, leaders and community members. Our team-first methods use motivational, age-appropriate concepts to achieve maximum results through physical and mental conditioning, a foundation in strong fundamentals, and advanced situational strategies.

We work with our players to become students of the game, while helping them find the confidence and passion to play at the highest level they can.

We measure success not just by wins and loses; but by effort, investment, and measurable improvement practice-to-practice and game-to-game. Our players commit to giving a "Perfect Effort" each and every inning; while knowing they have absolute authority to make the mistakes needed in order to perform at the highest level.


WA Vipers Fastpitch Club is dedicated to helping prepare our players for the future; be that playing high school softball, college softball, or simply wanting to become a better athlete and leader while learning to work well within a team environment. We don't want to just help create better softball players, we hope to help create better community members, mentors, and leaders for the near and distant future.

" Perfect Effort Regardless the Circumstance "

All WA Vipers players are required to participate in team community service events such as volunteering at a local food bank, spending time visiting retirement/ assisted living communities, or helping local military families that may need assistance.


Our teams work together through the winter to improve mental and physical conditioning and endurance to help compete at the highest levels during tournament season. In addition to regular workouts and hitting sessions, players engage in weekly team-building and bonding activities including getaways, dinners, hikes, etc.

Throughout the training season players will benefit from working with industry experts and former college and professional-level players during special sessions and clinics.


Starting in February, players will commence with twice weekly on-filed practices to help physically and mentally prepare them for the high school and travel ball season. Teams will typically play 2-4 elite/ gold exposure tournaments in the fall and winter, and 11-13 tournaments through the spring and summer months (March -July), including local and out-of-state college exposure tournaments.